What Is ExadataViewer:

ExadataViewer is an Exadata performance monitor software.

Through a set of realtime graphical views, you can observe:
1) Exadata's internal architecture
2) Physical I/O dataflow in the cells
3) Exadata new features' offloading efficiency (smart scan, storage index, ehcc, flash cache, writeback)
4) Db & cell hosts' CPU usage & I/O throughtput
5) Top SQLs
6) The relationship between top SQLs, CPU and I/O



Free download ExadataViewer5.2.zip 22MB (2016-9-21)


Installation and Configuration:

  1. Download the latest .zip file

  2. Put .zip file on one of db nodes

  3. Unzip the .zip file

  4. Edit parameter file config.ini, and input databases & hosts' connection information

  5. Start exadataviewer: ./startev.sh, Stop exadataviewer: ./stopev.sh

  6. Monitor Exadata now: http://ip:8080/ExadataViewer


Demo Screen:


Exadata Smart scan Demo Movie:

download exadataviewer_demo.mp4